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About kyrgyzstan

Ukraine has become a very popular destination for studying MBBS amongst Indian students in the last few years. There are quite a few reasons why it has been this way. For starters, Ukraine provides its international medical students with the highest standards of medical education, at a very affordable price. Ukraine provides its international students with endless opportunities in research programs. MBBS in Ukraine is a 6 year academic program. For 3 years students are taught pre-clinical subjects and for the next 3 years the students are taught clinical th, th th subjects and are given hands on training in the clinics. In the 4 5 and 6 year students have all their classes in the clinical bases (hospitals) of the university. Ukraine has the highest percentage of students passing the MCI Foreign medical graduate examination (FMGE), amongst all other countries where Indian students go to pursue their medical studies.

Living Cost in kyrgyzstan

Students spend an average of the equivalent of 100 US Dollars every month. Which is enough to lead a basic life in Kyrgyzstan. It covers all the costs of grocery and daily pocket expenses.

Duration of MBBS study in kyrgyzstan

The MBBS course has a duration of 5 years in Kyrgyzstan. This is a major advantage for all international students here.

Teaching language for MBBS in kyrgyzstan

All courses meant for International students in medical universities in Kyrgyzstan are conducted in the English language.